CCS Fuel Injection


John Ellerby is our manager and has been involved with fuel injection most of his working life and has vast experience, call him on 01777 711715 and he will do his utmost to help you. 

All types of Pump repair, recalibration and injector overhaul, he can also supply the various components (& electrical) associated with any form of diesel fuel injection. CCS has recently been complemented by the takeover of one of its major suppliers of parts, Diesel Injection Components Ltd.The new test bench for ·Common Rail· systems and the new Clean Room· are now finished and in full production.

This gives us the ability to tackle pretty well all the new systems so widely used with latest high speed Diesels, ( BMW, Mercedes, VAG group, Peugeot & Ford, Volvo, Caterpillar, Cummins, Scania, Case, McCormick and New Holland etc. etc.)

All injectors are tested and set up using our Deteq DIT31 Diesel Fuel Injector test bench. (above). It is a unique test bench for all types of piezoelectric and electromagnetic common rail injectors.

dtec.jpgThe DIT31 complies to ISO 8984-1 standards.

Traditional Injectors:

Nozzle opening pressure 
Chatter (atomization) 
Seat leakage 
Back – leakage 
Print out available showing Leakage Time and Peak Pressure

Two Stage Injectors:

First Nozzle Opening Pressure ( NOP 1 ) 
Second Nozzle Opening Pressure ( NOP 2 ) 
Chatter ( atomization ) 
Seat leakage 
Back – leakage 
Print out available showing Leakage Time and NOP 1 and 2 
Common – Rail Injectors (with the additional signal control unit TC38 )
Leakage time, checking the mechanical condition of the injector. 
Injection time, checking the reaction to the command by the ECU 
Pressure at injection 
Pressure drop, checking the injected flow quantity. 
Print out available showing Leakage Time, Injection Time and Pressure Drop. 

All injectors are supplied with: 

Heat shields and any necessary washers
Copaslip grease 
All injectors are fitted with Manufacturers Approved Quality nozzles and are set using our latest 2-stage injector tester. Both Nozzle opening pressures are set.

All reconditioned units carry our 6 month / 10000 mile "faulty workmanship" guarantee. Any part failures will be taken up with the supplier.

All units are sealed upon setting, if a seal is broken without our authorization the guarantee will be void.

All Major Credit Cards accepted

A Volvo L120 loading shovel injection pump, before and after refurbishment: