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Our Workshops & Service Areas

The Retford workshop facilities comprise of the following:

fabrication workshop for construction equipment repairs

Fabrication Shop

Complete with all modern welding, drilling, cutting, pressing and folding equipment. Pictured right. Fabricating our own design cantilever tailgates and spill-boards.

Machine Shop

Complete with lathes, milling machines, radial arm drills, presses and line boring equipment.

Extend the life of your equipment by line-boring. We do it all... Buckets, Bell Cranks, Articulation Joints, Booms, Loader and Excavator Arms etc. Included in our service we offer these options. Pin bores re-aligned, Bores sized back to OEM spec., New pins and bushings as required and 'On-site' line-boring available. Contact us for a quote today and extend the life of your buckets, cylinders and pivot areas etc. Make your older machines more productive and easier to operate. An example of our work is shown below, refurbishing the articulation joint on a Hydrema 910 dumptruck.

machine shop for dumper repairs

Repair Shop

Complete with all specialist tool, lifting equipment etc., and facilities for repairs to all makes and models of dump truck.

Paint shop

Including preparation area (full blast cleaning facilities) and spray booth.

In addition to the above, a newly built 11000 sq.ft facility for undercover storage and additional repairs.

Engine and Transmission Shop

Full overhauls are undertaken in these premises with specialist equipment.

Our Service Department undertakes numerous external repair and maintenance contracts, many with major national utilities and landfill operators for their compaction plant, loading shovels and other static equipment. This is a major part of our growth in this sector. Currently 4 mobile service engineers are employed within the group.

Service and repair shop for dumper repairs


All power train components give off indicators. Some are good and some are bad. The important question is - is your maintenance program detecting these indicators before a catastrophic failure takes your equipment off the job and into the shop?Below list 2 types of indicators: problem and planned.Problem Indicators - As the name implies, by the time these indicators occur, you may already have a problem. The key is to diagnose the situation before it gets worse.

Engine Warning Signs and Possible Causes:-

Excess black smoke at full load (hot, unburned fuel):

  • Dirty primary / secondary air cleaner
  • Operating in too high a gear
  • Overfueling
  • Overloading
  • Faulty turbocharger

Blue smoke (oil consumption):

  • Hours on engine
  • Worn rings/liners
  • Worn turbocharger seals
  • Worn valve products

White Smoke (steam: water in combustion chamber or start-up: unburned fuel):

  • Leaking head gasket
  • Cracked head and/or liners
  • Faulty injector
  • Incorrect starting procedure
  • Incorrect fuel injection timing
  • Low quality fuel

Increased oil consumption/excess blow-by

  • Hours on engine
  • Worn or broken rings/liners
  • Worn turbocharger seals
  • Worn valve guides

Unusual noises:

  • Malfunctioning fuel nozzle/injectors
  • Worn piston pin bushings
  • Worn rod/main bearings
  • Malfunctioning turbocharger
  • Too much valve lash

Lack of power:

  • Dirty air cleaner
  • Dirty fuel filter
  • Incorrect adjustment of governor linkage
  • Malfunctioning fuel nozzles/injectors
  • Slipping torque converter
  • Improper set point• Low quality fuel

Increased fuel consumption:

  • Fuel leak
  • Dirty air cleaner
  • Malfunctioning turbocharger
  • Malfunctioning fuel nozzles/injectors• Improper set point
  • Incorrect machine operation


  • Plugged radiator core (external and internal)
  • Incorrect adjustment or worn belts/pulleys
  • Low coolant level
  • Malfunctioning temperature regulators and indicator senders (symptom)
  • Dirty air cleaner• Incorrect operator technique
  • Slipping torque converter

Hard starting (Engine miss-firing):

  • Worn fuel injection pump
  • Improper starting technique
  • Low quality fuel – high sulphur, low cetane rating or water in fuel
  • Malfunctioning fuel nozzles/injectors
  • Low cranking speed

Oil level over full:

  • Coolant/fuel leakage into crankcase
  • Improper oil fill

Debris in oil filter:

  • Dirt entry
  • Damaged bearings
  • Coolant/fuel leakage into crankcase
  • Extended oil change period
  • Incorrect oil used.

Planned indicators are generally associated with a proactive, before-failure maintenance management program.

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