Various Volvo Shims and Seals


A few items we do not normally stock. These may have been surplus items from previous jobs.

If you have part numbers that appear in the list below, we may be able to assist. These will not show as in stock on our usual system, so please mention that you have seen the part number on a list on our website.

24x 20905400 Valve Guide (SLP VG-400)

1x 469336 Oil Seal (SLP PB-336)

4x 11037589 Shim

6x 20463853 Shim

6x 20463854 Shim

6x 20463855 Shim

1x R961002627 Seal Kit (Rexroth Product)

8x 12585893 Shim

2x 12610110 Shim

1x 11127468 Pipe

1x 1620742 Gasket

1x 795340 Seal

1x 11701471 Seal

3x 13945494 Clip

1x 735992 Gasket

5x 795307 Piston Ring

1x 736173 Gasket

1x 4710277 Gasket

2x 4871935 O Ring

4x 795303 Ring

2x 4871049 Ring

2x 9511-12034 O Ring

5x 955990 O Ring

2x 958225 O Ring

6x 955992 O Ring

1x 14265157 O Ring

1x 925269 O Ring

1x 20451868 Plug

1x 11127965 Ring

2x 11036857 Shim

3x 11036787 Shim

2x 11036788 Shim

1x 11036789 Shim

2x 11036856 Shim

2x 11036858 Shim

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