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We are not official Volvo dealers, but we believe we can offer a viable alternative and independent service. We can offer new and used Volvo dump truck equipment parts, construction engines, and used articulated dump trucks of all sizes and models.


We remanufacture all Volvo transmissions and give a ‘NO QUIBBLE’ 6 months/750 hrs warranty, or we can do repair only to suit your budget. Only genuine ZF parts are used in your ZF transmission re-builds and genuine Volvo for the larger boxes! We are actively encouraging all our customers to overhaul before failure; 10-12000hrs is about the norm… at these hours, strict attention to detail is required on the inside of the oil strainers/ filters; this will give an insight as to the true condition of the transmission.

We stock a large selection of dump truck parts. Diff seals, exhausts, auto-transmission and transfer box, half shaft and epicyclic assemblies, electrics, turbos, fuel injection, batteries, hydraulic components, new and used tyres, brake discs, hub seals, suspension components, comprehensive engine rebuild kits, trunnion through shaft and bushes etc., all kept ‘on the shelf’ for immediate supply. Also a selection of good used chassis, skips and cabins at a fraction of new price.

Walker Plant has established itself as the largest stockist of used Volvo Dump-truck parts in the UK.


We are ADT specialists and commit ourselves to cost reduction. We understand the need to keep your Dump-Truck working – but not at any cost! We are able to pass on these savings to our customers who work in the most arduous and competitive sectors in the construction industry. Earthmoving is just one of these vital sectors in construction and so much depends on the skills of all the personnel involved and the selection of the best equipment available.

We sell used Volvo dump truck machines as-is, ready to work or total re-build. In all cases they have to meet the expectations of our customers. In other words, you get the quality construction equipment you had in mind when you ordered it from us. We can further reduce operating costs by supplying new, used and refurbished ( service exchange.) construction equipment parts and components at very competitive prices.

We specialise in all A25, A30, A35 and A40 dump truck models from 1980 to present date and parts for 860, 861, A20 and all other Volvo equipment can be sourced if required. We endeavour to stock 75% of the most commonly required parts on our shelves (inc. Service Exchange Engines & Transmissions etc.) at all times. The choice is yours – SLP (Swedish Lorry Parts) or genuine Volvo, either new or good used.

We have field service engineers to facilitate all urgent breakdowns as a RAPID RESPONSE. (UK mainland coverage only).We understand the pressures of the business and our existing customers trust us to help them reduce their operating costs. Our reputation goes before us and most of our new work is by referral.

Please note: Walker Plant Services Ltd has no affiliation or connection with or approval by the Volvo Construction Equipment organisation

5 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Articulated Volvo Dump Truck

What should you be looking for when buying a used articulated Volvo dump truck? With such a complicated machine there are a number of factors that can affect both the value and durability of your purchase.

We’ve put together a quick list of some of the top things to check and what to watch out for when buying a used articulated Volvo dump truck:

1. Excessive play in the hitch or hinge pins:

These common wear points can be quite costly to repair, particularly in terms of labour for the hitch as replacement requires splitting the truck.

To test if there is excessive play in the hinge pins, have someone stand at a safe distance behind the machine as you raise the box or apply the handbrake softly when moving forward. If there is any play when the box stops it could indicate a problem developing.

Likewise for the hitch, have someone stand at a safe distance behind the machine as you tilt it from side to side. If the center articulation joint or steering cylinders have play the repair cost could be upwards of £7,000.

2. Brake wear:

Check if the truck has a retarder on it and it is working. If it’s not working the operator may have been relying heavily on the service brakes and they could have excessive wear.

If the truck has a wet brake system you will not be able to test them without a load.

3. Box wear:

The box itself can often have a liner designed to help sticky materials fall out. Check to see if material is sticking inside the box. If it is, it may indicate that this lining needs to be replaced which could cost up to £10,000.

Look for sideboards at the top of the box. If they are present ask about the last application to get an idea if the machine was overloaded at some point.

4. Under the bonnet:

Look under the bonnet to get an idea of how regular maintenance has been performed. Does it look like the oil and air filters have been replaced recently? Are all fluids clean and topped up? Are there date stamps indicating when maintenance has been performed?

Start the machine up and look for leaks once it warms up. If you can, put the machine under load, preferably uphill, to check for shifting issues or engine misfires.

5. Hours:

The higher the hours the greater the chance that you will need to rebuild or replace worn components in the near future. Many components start to show wear between 10,000 and 15,000 hours while 5,000 hours is considered relatively low.

Find out if components have already been replaced, and when. Some typical wear points may already have been rebuilt or accounted for.

The tips above serve as a good starting point to help you research a potential used articulated dump truck. Above all, check the maintenance records if you have them, and go with your gut feeling.