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Volvo Tipping Cylinder – good used.

Fits Models A25/30D,E,F,G

Reference Number(s): 11296031, 11296003, 16217815, 17223520, 17501522

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The skip tipping ram cylinder in the Volvo A25D and A30D articulated haulers is a hydraulic component responsible for the lifting and tilting of the skip body for unloading materials. While specific part descriptions may vary based on manufacturer and model year, here’s a general description of the components and their functions:

Cylinder Body: This is the main housing of the hydraulic cylinder, typically made of high-strength steel or other durable materials. It houses the piston and provides structural support for the cylinder assembly.

Piston: The piston is a cylindrical component that fits inside the cylinder body and divides it into two chambers: the rod side and the cap side. The piston is sealed against the cylinder walls to prevent hydraulic fluid from bypassing.

Rod: The rod extends from the piston and protrudes out of one end of the cylinder body. It is attached to the skip body or another linkage mechanism. When hydraulic pressure is applied, the rod extends or retracts to raise or lower the skip body.

Seals: Various seals are installed throughout the cylinder to prevent hydraulic fluid from leaking and to maintain pressure within the system. These include piston seals, rod seals, wiper seals, and gland seals.

End Fittings: These are components at each end of the cylinder that secure the cylinder to the mounting points on the hauler chassis and the skip body. They often include threaded holes or pins for attachment.

Hydraulic Ports: Ports are openings in the cylinder body that allow hydraulic fluid to enter and exit the cylinder chambers. These ports are typically fitted with fittings or connectors for hydraulic hoses.

Mounting Hardware: Bolts, nuts, washers, and other fasteners are used to secure the cylinder to the hauler chassis and the skip body. These components must be properly tightened and maintained to ensure the integrity of the mounting.

Pressure Relief Valve (Optional): In some hydraulic systems, a pressure relief valve may be installed to protect the cylinder and other components from damage due to excessive pressure. This valve releases pressure when it exceeds a preset limit.

These are the primary components of the skip tipping ram cylinder in Volvo A25D and A30D haulers. When sourcing replacement parts or performing maintenance on the cylinder, it’s essential to ensure compatibility with the specific model and year of the hauler.

Fits Models A25D, A30D, A30E,A30F,A30G

Reference Number(s): 11296031, 11296003, 16217815, 17553520, 17501522

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